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Drawing I did of one of my friends Drawn by me

Stained Glass Peacock, maybe not this one, but i've always like the idea of having a window that was stained glass in my home

A few Harry Potter characters drawn in chibi style, as requested by many of my friends before the premiere of the movie. ^^ Not much to say really, just enjoy the adorable colorfulness.

5 Women Take Stick-&-Poke Tats To The Next Level

What was the first tattoo you created?"The first tattoo I did was a witch's hat on my friend Josephine on Halloween, a couple of years ago. She taught me what to do and let me do it right on her arm. And she gave me a matching one."Is there a tattoo you’ve found to be extremely popular? "People have been drawn toward the crystal ball with the 'YES' inside, and I love spreading that positive message."4

Debbie Greenaway Duncan - Drawn in an A5 sketchbook while traveling down the M6 in July 2009 in my friend's little old red mini - 'Betsy'. That was definitely a mini pencil adventure.

suddenly my life without a drawn Sirius looking at me didn’t seem full enough. imagine how it would be like sitting next to him;) My friend said it’s like you’d be fantasying some absolutely inappropriate things including him and then you’re turning to look at him and you see this ‘I know what you just thought about’ look at his face. And then you just can’t resist.

Lẽ nào em không biết? (full) - Chap 1: Chúng tôi là chị em sinh đôi

(OPEN RP. Choose who you want. Written from GIRL'S perspective.) We were just talking and laughing and then he kissed me. I mean, he's my best friend. That's not supposed to happen, is it?