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In a major shift, India is close to gender parity in the classroom, says UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2015. However, the nation fails to achieve the goals set for excellence of learning effects, adult illiteracy and checking the expansion of private schools in urban slums. Though, the ratio of girls-to-boys in primary classes is by now 1.02, in secondary school it is 0.94.

As the deadline set by regulators for encouraging gender diversity in the boardroom passed, the Corporate India has made a mockery of the order to appoint women directors, by recruiting daughters, wives and even stepmothers, analysts said on Wednesday.

In another odd episode, an Air India captain denied operating the airplane as one of the emergency oxygen masks in the cockpit was not cleaned on Wednesday morning.

India stands at 37th among 102 nations in the government transparency list - Open Government Index 2015. It lines countries on the transparency level that the nation’s government posses and also the comfort with which people can hold their administration answerable.

s soon as the My Choice Video by Vogue India became viral, Ankur Poddar, a YouTube user came up with an unofficial ‘Male’ version of “My Choice.”

It has been eight months, India's major politicians, who won the Lok Sabha elections from Uttar Pradesh, haven’t spent a single penny from their Local Area Development Fund (MPLAD).

Mohammed Ayub - a Pakistani man, who promised his dying father to ensure his siblings get education, has turned it into a reality with years of effort. Children, who may have otherwise acquired no education, sat through his classes. He has dedicated his life to teaching the deprived of this town for three decades now.

Basic Education Department is strictly monitoring the mid-day meal scheme in the district. BSA issued a notice to BEO asking for the report regarding MDM in order to improve its condition in the district. The scheme involves the district as well as seven other blocks. BSA has asked BEO for the information about supplying mid-day meal to schools in those seven blocks.

The government launched a digital service in partnership with Twitter, which will deliver tweets from politicians, including PM Modi, and departments like the railways as SMS on mobile phones.

Veteran Bollywood actor, Naseeruddin Shah has expressed regret at the enmity prevalent in India towards Pakistan. Shah was in Pakistan to promote his book ‘And then one day: A Memoir.’