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Anti-littering campaign with the crying Indian. Why don't they still show these PSAs?  Was telling someone about these the other day!

Do you remember Iron Eyes Cody the "crying Indian" in the Keep America Beautiful ad campaigns of the (He was actually Italian.) We live in a country that Native Americans founded and they use an Italian?

i think this a lot

Your face is fine but you'll have to put a bag over that personality Pinback button Being attractive is not everything -- sometimes the personality overcomes the best appearance Put

It's what I tell my parents at Open House every year!

And as a parent I promise not to believe everything the teacher tells me either. Especially after all the teachers I've caught in lies and observed mistreating children in their care.

Charlie Brown/Peanuts Specials - 1970's Collection, Volume 2 DVD Set Announced

Charlie Brown/Peanuts Specials - Collection, Volume 2 DVD Set Announced

my favorite.

I know this may sound weird, but I loved Tom more than Jerry. Jerry was very annoying and spiteful! I always hoped that Tom would catch Jerry and eat him! Or at least catch him once and for all!

Wally Gator

30 desenhos animados de antigamente que dificilmente a gente vê na TV

Wally Gator is a swinging alligator in the swamp. He's the greatest perculator when he really starts to romp. There has never been a greater operator in the swamp. See ya later, Wally Gator.

Huckleberry Hound...loved this cartoon...when cartoons were actually good!!!

Huckleberry Hound is a Fictional Cartoon blue dog that speaks with a Southern drawl and has a.