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Substance abuse therapy is going to help you and your loved one come to several important realizations that are not going to come about on their own.	http://goo.gl/Hi4qWB

Teens who start drinking before the age of 15 are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol abuse later in life than people who begin drinking at or after the age of 21

Oxycontin is a prescription drug that has become one of the most abused legally obtainable drugs in the US.

Oxycontin is a Prescription Drug that has become one of the most abused legally obtainable drugs in the US. The addictive substance in Oxycontin is called oxycodone, which is an opiate pulled from poppy plants.

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Heroin and It's Rapid Addiction Cycle  Teens and young adult are using heroin when the pain pills they are addicted to become too expensive. If your teen is using drugs, it is important to know what drugs your teen is using. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem among teens; will they turn to heroin use?

Heroin and Its Rapid Addiction Cycle

An infographic illustrating the rapid and frightening addiction cycle of a heroin addict. Why don't young people believe this?

What are the clever drug slang terms used by drug users? Drug Slang Decoded infographic unlocks the slang terms for drugs most commonly abused and their side effects.

Drug Slang Decoded: nurses benefit from keeping up with the lingo of drug users. Consider this: drug users get sick too, usually far more often that non-drug users

The Harmful Effects of Inhalants Poster is intended to show and explain the harmful side effects inhalants have on the human body. It uses detailed anatomical imagery to show the damage that can be done to vital organs.

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long term effects of alcohol-I don't understand why drinkings so awsome? So you can look cool for your friends or partner? Theres more important things in life than just drinking and doing drugs. Especially if you have kids.