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The Gray wolf (Canis Lupus), lives in the Northern Parts of the world. Description from arizonahybridassociation.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Search Results: Wolf Running Wolf Wallpaper. If you want advice on how to make some fun and interesting designs, then we'll show you ways to use animals to make everything come to life right here.

Beautiful Siberian Husky

♥ I have my winter coat on. Huskies have two layers of coat, one is used as insulation against extreme temperatures.

Alaskan malamute. So pretty.....so fluffy....so much shedding

The Alaskan Malamute in the sun (it looks like it's mixed with Samoyed).I hope Jack looks like this

This wolf is stunning! look at the colors, those soulful eyes and beautiful expression. Love it

☀Wolf: Respect the elders….Teach the young…Cooperate with the pack Play when you can…Hunt when you must…Rest in between Share your affections…Voice your feelings…Leave your mark. This is definitely my spirit animal.

Gorgeous! I wish they all had bulletproof,human proof protection.

Photo: Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Alaskan Tundra Wolf or Canadian Timber Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis), two wolves in the snow Author: Michael WeberGorgeous! I wish they all had bulletproof,human proof protection.

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Man was not made to be Lonely- "can't you see,You will always be my Friend Quote-Wind in his hair/Dances with Wolves.

Yes ok tell me more.

coffeenuts: “ llbwwb:(via / You love me? by Maxime Riendeau) ”

AHHHHHHH another one with blue eyes! I'm getting sort of sick of this. wolves do NOT have blue eyes!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.