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Children in the tribe are exposed to the reindeer from birth | A Lost Mongolian Tribe Was Rediscovered By A Photographer

A Photographer Recently Discovered A Lost Mongolian Tribe

Mongolian Nomad Boy, sleeping with the reindeer photo by hamid sardar

Un lycanthrope plus connu sous le nom de loup-garou est dans les mythologies et les légendes principalement issus de la civilisation européenne, un humain qui a la capacité de se transformer, partiellement ou complètement en loup ou en créature anthropomorphe proche du loup.

Garou ( 餓狼 ) ~ literally "Hungry Wolf" in Japanese. Note: From the French "loup-garou," meaning "werewolf." "Loup" means "wolf" (from the .

Baby furry

Great Illustrations by Yee Chong

Where is my flippin' dire wolf?

The girl howled with her new wolf friend. Letting herself be free and wild.