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Sometimes they write meaningful lyrics... other times "this isn't snow, it's poop poop poop" (Bangtan Boys - A Typical Trainee's Christmas)

Everyday I’m shuffling.

No, but just imagine the genius being really into classical music, and they hit shuffle, so then when the two characters are transported, they see tall, snow-covered houses and people walking around in long dresses and suits. The one who didn't make the time machine looks around the German atmosphere, saying, "Uh... What song did you select?" and the other just whispers, their face pale and their eyes wide, "Für Elise."

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: It's Snowing Angles! You can build on this by having students color code supplementary or acute angles, vertex and others depending on the snowflake design.

Snow really can't keep a secret (and David and Hook can't read each other's minds).

* * FOX: " Justs great. Snowin' messes up me huntin' wif de trax it leaves; altho me kin always follow others' tracks if meez downwind."