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What a beautiful bracelet! I love the way it looks just like a Greek or Roman pillar. Any history or mythology buff would definitely love this bracelet!

1970s Boho Hippy Western Ivory Hacienda Oversized Grandpa Sweater - S, M, L- Sheriff Jerry

by Jessica Durrant titled, Chucks in the City. Click here to download love this sweater Click here to download Fashion Illustration Click here to download Fashion drawing Click here to download fashion illustration via Maria Click here to download

Photo (LA COOL & CHIC)

For those of you that aren't familiar with putting outfits together, this make look too well done at first look. But look closer, it's actually soooo easy. 3 easy pieces you may have in your closet right now. Yessss!! (LYC-by jax)

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My name is Liv and I was born and (b)raised in the West Village. I am a sodium aficionado & wine devotee in addition to a soul music & key change enthusiast. I own too many grey shirts and make too many grilled cheese sandwiches.