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Stay organized around the holidays and have peace on earth in your home and life. Quick tips on simple ways to have more organization at the holidays. https://properplaceorganizing.com/quick-tips-surviving-holidays-organized-fashion/

Quick tips to Surviving the holidays in an organized fashion

FDA approves first GMO Flu Vaccine containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus

Sugar: Killing us Sweetly. Staggering Health Consequences of Sugar on Health of Americans

Even fall can be a beautiful time of year. I can't wait for the changing leaves!

Gorgeous orange autumn leaves drifting down into the forest woodlands pool of water as fog begins to drift in among the trees in the distance. - DdO:) - Rippling reflections of the old key subject tree.

"Olha devagar para cada coisa. Aceita o desafio de ver o que a multidão não viu. Em cascalhos disformes, estranhos diamantes sobrevivem solitários". Autumn by ValentinaKallias.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"I give you the key to my pumpkin," said the Scarecrow to his love. "Your pumpkin? Everyone knows that the heart is a pump-kin about the size of your fist. My pumpkin beats only for you, my Love." And then he kissed her.

Read an article the other day about Nordic skiing in Yellowstone, and after this pic, I think it sounds like a pretty worthy adventure

snow pretty winter cold lonely beautiful trees alone nature forest scenery adventure Woods solitude path fog magical haunting trail lone pine trees lone ranger pine tree forest