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What succulent is this?  It's cute.

♥ Succulent ♥ - Sadly, I have no idea what kind this is, because the original poster only used the image link (lame).

Which succulent plants do you like best for your house in 2016 New Year? - Fashion Blog

Succulents… echeveria 'afterglow' succulent plant, fleshy leaves, purple and pink desert drought tolerant

Perfect indoor decor for fall! I made them at the end of September last year and they looked great until I finally took them apart in January.  Repot the succulents and they'll still be good for the NEXT living arrangement! succulent pumpkin tutorial- JV Home  Garden Club http://club.conservationgardenpark.org/2012/10/seasonal-decor-diy-succulent-pumpkin-centerpiece/

Make long lasting succulent pumpkin centerpieces with these in-depth instructions by Cynthia from The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club. This example uses tender succulent species, but you could also make similar outdoor displays using hardy succulents.

Nice succulent layout

New front entry succulent tapestry in La Jolla. Designer/Laura Eubanks at Design For Serenity.Good idea to fight the drought.

30 Titanopsis Variegata Seeds Rare Exotic Amazing Colors Shape Pink Succulent Cactus Garden Decor Plant Home DIY


Cremnosedum "Little Gem" Cluster. Several plants per cluster.

Echeveria-Afterglow  dynamic wide world

(Purple Echeveria) Everything you need to know about succulents watering care potting soil light decorating plants gardening


Graptopetalum Pentandrum Superbum It's a beautiful purple/lavender succulent with great flowers. Great addition to any succulent collection!