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The day in reflection

If you planted HOPE today in a heart that felt alone. If you caused a laugh that chased some tears away. If someone's burden was made lighter because of your kindness, then your day was well spent!

Kind of like what Jesus said about shaking the dust off your feet and moving on. Matthew 10:14

never cross a ocean for people who won't even jump a puddle for you quotes - Norton Safe Search

We are blessed with family and friends! Rather few or many.

I am blessed with the family and friends i do have.treasure your loved ones.

Laughter AND brownies... and maybe coffee with Kaluha.

Laughter AND brownies. and maybe coffee with Kaluha.

Ellen Degeneres Why do we have to know who is gay and who is straight

Funny Pro-Gay Marriage Signs and Memes

☆☆☆ "Do we have to know who's gay and who's straight? Can't we just love everybody and judge them by the car they drive? I love Ellen) ღ