Explore Criss Cross, Socks, and more!

Crisscross braids with a bun. Good thing I've mastered the sock bun. One good thing from being in the military

all a these

really cool hair braids! Cant wait for my hair to grow out so i can do these awesome braids

How To: Hair Bow-I like this for the hair coloring.

How To: Hair Bow

DIY Hairstyles, Step by Step insturctions to creating a fabulous hair bow. This is a beautiful and simple hairstyle that can be vreated easily at home

Love this braid.

Step-by-Step: Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid

I've been struggling with an inside out french braid and can't get it. Finally step by step :) Hunger Games Hairstyle Tutorial

Wow this is pretty & cool ❤️

20 Most Gorgeous Plait Hairstyles 2018

Having a few transitional hairstyles are a must this holiday season. From a busy day braid to an elegant updo, come learn these day to night hairstyles