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“ “ So have y’all seen Mandarin ducks? I mean, they look like a Cubist drew a duck, a child colored the drawing, and God brought it to life. Mandarin ducks, y’all.

beaverattack.jpg (1000×1005)

beaverattack.jpg (1000×1005)

Flying Jewels, God`s Awesome & Gorgeous Creation.

The common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) is a songbird popular for its nest made of leaves "sewn" together and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling in his Jungle Book

Colorful Mandarin duck.

Colorful Mandarin duck.

wetheurban: “Hyperrealistic Cloudscape Paintings, Ian Fisher Canadian artist Ian…

Ethereal Cloudscapes by Ian Fisher Canadian painter Ian Fisher paints stunningly real and soft cumulus clouds blanketed in color. [[MORE]]Immersing himself in nature by observing the skies for hours.

Ginger Moon - Modern Asian Canteen

Great food in Seminyak. Try the banquet menu or Beli peperoni pizza. Very child friendly.

дизайн детской для девочки подростка - Поиск в Google

дизайн детской для девочки подростка - Поиск в Google

Little Friends Lifestyle Pet Photography by Seth Casteel

Seal of approval Photographer Seth Casteel gets up close and personal with Kai, a male California sea lion at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Valejo, California.

Myth & Moor: Tunes for a Monday Morning

From Manx Gaelic singer Ruth Keggin's album Turrys ('Journey'), released Film by Samuel Hurt, shot in various locations on the Isle of Man.

South American Leaf fish

These South American Leaf fish look friendly enough when they mimic dead leaves. until they swallow you whole!

Have you seen these before? I had no idea these were real! It's called a #glasswing #butterfly

Monday Morning Randomness

A Glass Winged Butterfly on a flower shows us the beauty of nature. See another Translucent Glass Winged Butterfly.See Photo →