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Explore Bernhardus Siegfried, Body 1749 and more!

Bernhardus Siegfried Albinus: Tables of the skeleton and muscles of the human body. 1749 / Wellcome Library, London

Muscle maninkin Opera quae extabt, omnia, (Amsterdam, 1645) Author: SPIEGEL, Adriaan van de (1578-1625) Artist: N/A

Plate of the brain exposed from Casserius – check out the BRAINS exhibition at the Wellcome collection,

THE EMBALMING JARS OF FREDERIK RUYSCH // Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731) was a Dutch botanist and anatomist, remembered mainly for his groundbreaking methods of anatomical preservation and the creation of his carefully arranged scenes incorporating human body parts. These remarkable ‘still life’ displays blurred the boundary between the demonstrative element of scientific preservation and the symbolic and allegorical qualities of vanitas art.