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Love this movie & my sisters @Blanca Carlson Carlson Threadgould Vivas @dalia macys macys macys Aimee Vivas

There is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than you. Love this movie & my sisters

Frozen bows - elsa & anna sisters combo set

Elsa & Anna Hair Bow set - these would be cute to make as party favors for a Frozen Birthday party.

Little Elsa And baby Anna, This is so adorable <3@VerifiedDisnerd @Ella Gustafsson E @Elsa Marques of Arendelle @Anna Totten Of Arendelle

Little Elsa And baby Anna, This is so adorable Dussert Dussert Aitken Bush Gustafsson Gustafsson E E Marques Marques Marques of Arendelle Totten Totten Totten Of Arendelle

My Sister & Superheroine!!! Cdiwy!! Love YOU MBS

Nyamo❄️🌻 on

I don't know why but I'm clearly having Frozen Fever these days. But anyways, I'm totally a Frozen fan!

I really want to get this as my first tattoo with my sister!!

Really cute tattoo to get with a sister. But it pisses me off a bit how the designs are EXACTLY accurate to the movie.