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Took me 22 years to finally say no more! I deserve better and I have THE BEST today!

J.D. Salinger

The quote is from "A Girl I Knew," a short story by J.D. The story is pretty typical Salinger -- ambiguous and sad and philosophical -- and it's one of my favorites. Salinger had a beautiful way with simple words.

So true

Very true, currently working a great job going to college for two different things & starting my own business & doing all of this with my loving and supporting husband. While he works crazy hours an on top of it we have a toddler now! Building OUR empire

If he wants a slut who he knows tried this with another one of friends he deserves everything he gets.

If another woman steals your (wo)man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real (wo)men can't be stolen.