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I need to figure out how to draw it, but this is an image to remind me of the tattoo that I want. A girl walking through a wheat field, fingers brushing the tips. A perfect reminder of what our purpose in life is. "The Harvester"

harvestthis. Grain itas also cut by a big machine. N. Tied then bundles stacked up  to dry

Day Really strange, I've lived in the country for the past or so, but I cannot ever remember seeing these amazing stacks of wheat. Old Fashioned Harvest.


be bare footed in the grass clear your mind. My grandma called me her Gypsy Rose Lea I still have a need to be bare footed

Outdoor Works Conference: Speaker Tim Spencer attributed the success of outdoor attributed to Vitamin D, or sunlight! His research found that consumers are highly engaged, aware and receptive when outside, as opposed to a more passive state of mind when indoors watching television or reading a newspaper.

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