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105 F outside..still using heating pad | Chronic Illness Cat

[Image: blue colored background with a Siamese cat. Top text reads: “Struggle to accept I have an illness.” Bottom text reads: “Chronic Illness Cat helps by posting illness”] I struggled for.

Connecting the Dots: Does Histamine Intolerance Contribute to Fibromyalgia

A fibromyalgia patient recognizes high histamine foods are causing her symptoms and takes steps to reduce her histamine levels.

3/18 Did too much last night with my evening off.  Paying for it today.

Spoon theory to describe life with a chronic illness. You have a limited number of spoons (=energy). Every activity costs a number of spoons. At the end of the day you are out of spoons.

frazzled woman | frazzled woman

You know how sometimes you just can’t talk about something major that has taken place in your life until you figure out: “What has happened to me”? It’s a tongue-tied state of divine uncertainty. Read more.

See No Fibromyalgia * Speak No Fibromyalgia * Hear No Fibromyalgia Support Mug - Cute!

See Speak Hear No Fibromyalgia 2 Mug

See Speak Hear No Fibromyalgia 2 Rectangle Magnet

Having a chronic illness is like being frozen...

It's not our bodies forcing us experience constant pain, it is the disease that causes the pain, the exhaustion and all the other things that Lyme has to offer.