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Duct Cleaning Can Help With Allergies While it is true that air duct cleaning alone does not cure health conditions like Asthma, allergies and other respiratory related conditions, vent cleaning does however, play an important role in prevention and treatment. By cleaning your HVAC system you will remove allergens like dust and mold from the duct work as well as residue from cigarette smoke. This can make it more comfortable for the allergy stuffier.

Hallway shafts are an important component in highrise HVAC systems. A poorly maintained system can contribute to poor IAQ, smells and dirt. Power Vac Toronto provides hallway shaft cleaning as well as dryer duct cleaning to residents and property managers. Visit us for more information at

Power Vac Burlington provides residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning services. We have helped more people with duct cleaning and indoor air quality issues then any local company. Our long history of serving the Burlington area has given us the the opportunity to have cleaned 1000’s of homes, hospitals, retirement homes as well as commercial and industrial clients

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“This year marks our anniversary. We are grateful for the trust placed upon us by so many

As we get ready for Springr, there are many things to do in the yard as well as in the house. One of the important tasks that is often overlooked is replacing the furnace filter. The main purpose of a furnace filter is to protect the blower fan and equipment from all the dust, hair and other gunk the return duct pulls in.

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We Vacuum, we dust but despite our best efforts dust always seems to come back. Dust happens. It’s a universal truth that as soon as you dust your furniture, more dust will collect. But, that doesn’t mean that the battle has to end there. Dust can be – and should be – fought.

How to Clean Window Tracks Like a Pro In No Time Flat!

There is nothing more annoying than cleaning window tracks in my opinion. Do you agree? Not only is it tedious, but it is also rather gross if you put it off like I do And mine are yucky! My apologies there. No worries, however, because I’ve figured out a trick that gets it done quick …

By mixing your two favorite hobbies, gardening with crafting, you have this wonderfully creative project for a painted pot herb garden. Tackle this easy project this summer then use these colorful pieces as functional outdoor decorations. Mehr