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Walls, ceilings, and floors are all made of same material. The lighting is mostly taken care of by a skylight, additional lighting being very simple. One "living wall" makes a ridiculously interesting focal point!

Top 15 Wall Gardens from Around the World

Inspiration for Pool House Shower Tori Tori Restaurant Vertical Garden, Polanco, Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos + ESRAWE Studio

keep the tree, build the house around it. that's what I always say!

Designed by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados, the Temozón House was built in 2013 in Yucatan, Mexico. Flaunting a distinct contemporary design that feature


Feng Shui Principles Were Used When Designing This New South African House

At the front of this modern house and off to the side, there's a wood walkway surrounded by plants and rocks, that leads to the front door.

R ART of Coffee,© 329 photo studio

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B House by ch qs Arquitectos

B House by ch+qs Arquitectos

Architecture, Comely Modern Wooden House In Berrocal, Spain By Ch Qs Arquitectos Featuring Timber Dining Room Interior Design And Living Space With Table Lamp Plus Wood Deck ~ Gorgeous Wooden Retreat with Natural Environment Around


I love the decorative concrete wall on the right. Casa Sierra Leona in Mexico City / by José Juan Rivera Río (photo by Nasser Malek Hernández)

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How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

Best 50 Best Modern Architecture Ideas https://decoratio.co/2017/04/50-best-modern-architecture-ideas/ Many modern homes and establishments use this type of design. Your home has to be in accordance by means of your design preferences

50 Best Modern Architecture Ideas

modern home modernist design contemporary home This home has a covered outdoor living room with a day bed and fireplace. A cut-out in the wall perfectly frames a single tree.

This hill-perched transparent home plays peek-a-boo through the trees, but, for the most part, rocks and foliage nestle it in complete privacy. Located near the ocean in Pittwater, about 30 miles north of Sydney, the Church Point Home was designed by Sydney architectural firm Utz Sanby.

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A perfect place to learn and think.

the windows and light! The books! The forest view! The windows! The BOOKS! Find me this home, move me in, and I'll be a cozy hermit forever.


***Mid-Century Modern Freak Exclusive*** Since we last featured his famous Kaufmann Desert House in March and April of last year, financial executive and mid-century modern preservationist, Brent.


Welcome to Ideas of Trousdale House by Paul Brant Williger article. In this post, you'll enjoy a picture of Trousdale House by Paul Brant W.