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But, it's the nature of mankind to try to pull the one who is higher. Isn't it?

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I'd Rather Have a Pound of Weed Than a Ton of Friend

When you feel like "Fuck I'm just gonna smoke and be lazy today." This "I'd Rather Have a Pound of Weed Than a Ton of Friends" design is perfect for blazing a bowl and token up! Sit back stoner and lets start binging on Netflix with this awesome design.

Enjoy Weed Socks

short ankle length black heel with mid foot compression. Perfect for matching with your sneakers and making a statement. Full color all over sublimation print.

Been there lol

Oh my gosh this is so funny and not that it pertains to me but it sure reminds me of someone I've heard about who will even tell stories to strangers in Walmart!

Cinderella Never Asked Prince Handwritten by planeta444 on Etsy

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Because flowers can't get you high

This would be awesome but i hate how often people say weed isn't a flower. The part we smoke is literally the flower.

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Boston University School of Medicine Say’s “Smoking Weed Has No Negative Effect…

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You are my one true stoner buddy babe you're like the only one I wanna get high as fuck with and have out of world conversations with, and laugh like no one's business :) fuck let's get high baby!

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Stoners Legalize It, Regulate It, Tax It! Seriously the truth!

My Eyes Low, Head Held . Look around you, true beauty in the world is nice, pass that blunt & I'll hit it twice!

My eyea low ~.~