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BA in International Relations & dreams of conquring the world.

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Write about someone finding a key. Do they know what it belongs to? Maybe it opens the neighbor’s car, or an old box, or even police handcuffs. Think of a creative scenario. What ends up happening to the protagonist, and the key itself?

red rose wallpapers favim tumblr - Google Search

red rose wallpapers favim tumblr - Google Search

Re-pin Ximena Aragon: Just as jumping into a pile of leaves brings people back to their childhood jumping in puddles do as well. Not only do puddles make people recall their childhood but standing outside when it is raining and not using an umbrella, it gives a sense of becoming on with the rain and one with nature.

Romance things: Dance under the rain - Lol! Let's dance. No music, no lights. That's all we need.