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but I'm stuck on a roller coaster of what he did to me and still does to me. Just get out of my head and let me adjust and heal!

Yes I've started dating again! Yes my life is moving on without you. Yes I am happy. <<<< Whoever this is, I'm happy for you & I hope & pray I get to where you are someday.

Love this 1 !!!!

One day you will wake up and realize how perfect she was. When that day comes she will be waking up beside man who already knew.

Don't let a good girl go

I found the one I deserve after😊 Spot on! Except I do not feel the least bit sorry for him. Eventually you get tired of being treated like shit. So happy I found someone who treats me like a princess :)

Either come closer or stay away, having you in between is very exhausting. Omg this exactly right now.

Brave girl, never settle again #the better man project

Brave girl, never settle again. keep moving, keep growing, keep those adventures coming!

it's so hard to do and so easy to say. sigh*

had my first one about a week ago. We were dating for only five months , but obviously , it felt longer than that. I miss him, and I love him. mine lasted 4 and I miss him too.