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Brass Trunk Attributed To Sarreid Ltd. Spain

A lovely brass trunk attributed to Sarried Ltd. Solid wood wrapped in lacquered brass and studded with copper nailheads throughout.

(Note to Self: Add my tracing light; cut hole & add holder cup for ink container & grove wood to hold glass brushes. I like tablets of different painting and drawings, will need holder or shelfs ) SHOW KRIS

Almost the same drafting table Granddaddy made. He put shelves and place for rolls on it.

Each table has their own organizer fill with supplies that they would need. Located near the writing center for quick access to materials.

Materials Management: I like the idea of having desk supplies in a central location and off the tables. lost crayon/pencil/whatever buckets/cans would be great on top!

Except make it were the table too can rotate and the other side is a Lego mat

Creating a Kid's Art Table with a Bit of IKEA Style — Fork, Paper, Scissors

Creating a kid& art table from a bit of Ikea style (Lack coffee table). AT - originally from Fork,Paper,Scissors and Ikea Hackers

Autumn Nature Exploration Table from The Imagination Tree

Autumn Nature Exploration Table

This would be a fun cart for a kitchen or dining room - even a porch!

Fabulous Furniture Makeovers

Sand, prime, and paint the cart to make it new again. When dry, use a pencil to sketch a simple design on the cart. Cut scrapbooking paper into small pieces, then use decoupage glue to secure the pieces over the design.

great idea for writing without pencil and paper - fill plastic ziplocs with cheap hair gel and food coloring.  tape them to a table with masking tape and have students practice letters and/or sight words by using a fingertip or q-tip to press lightly on the top of the bag.  when they have filled up their space with letters, they can smooth the gel out again and start over

Bright and colorful sensory bags for preschool

To make these really cool sensory bags, all you need is some hair gel, baggies, and food color. I purchased hair gel from the Dollar Store and used food color that comes in tubes to make the bright colors…