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ssdelta_chara_1.png (750×500)

ssdelta_chara_1.png (750×500)

* Single shoulder (1) * Hand crafted * Segmental spaulder is made of waxed leather 3.5-4 mm thick. Leather belts with brass buckles are fixed

LARP Armor - Leather Pauldron- Valknut: Odin's Symbol of Norse Viking Warriors Shoulder

Valknut Pauldrons by ~vofffka on deviantART extra protection for Dolan& weapon-lifting shoulder

Trace each child onto paper and cut out.  Let them decorate by using crayons, markers, fabric, etc.  Provide labels for each piece of armor for them to glue on and draw arrows to that part of their paper body!

Full armor of God FHE lesson

Armor of God Word Search C2 Eph 6 verses

Scripture Blessings ideas~"Hattie's Bible Crafts"~~Armor of God--Word Search Eph 6 verses

dawnguard armor cosplay - Google Search>> for a second I thought it was dwemer something..

Dwarven armour from Skyrim

Google Image Result for http://www.lrpstore.com/uploads/images_products_large/713.jpg

Image detail for -How to Make Chainmail Clothing

male rogue armor - Google Search

male rogue armor, like armor and duel swords

how to make dragon scale armor in real life - Google Search

Panoply Scale Mail Bra Top XS-M

Panoply Scale Mail Bra Top XSM by ScailleMaille on Etsy - I like the spine on this, it would be nice to incorporate on other kit

Lagertha, Shield Maiden - Google Search

Lagertha (I find myself sucked into watching VIkings. I& pretty sure her character is why.

Spartan MK 4

A small dump of master halo concepts and futuristic power rangers - Album on…