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Fall is a great time of year to fish topwaters. Of course, doing so also comes with the pain of removing leaves from their hooks. This can actually get so annoying that some guys steer their entire bass arsenal away from anything that works the surface. Others avoid leaves by playing the wind, basically fishing only where leaves have been blown clear. Me? I’m not scared of leaves. In fact, I’ve come to learn that if you’re smart about it, they can help you catch more bass.

The Dropper Loop is used to attach one or two hooks above a pyramid sinker when surf fishing for pompano or whiting. Smaller versions about 3 inches in ...

Fishing Knots. This is the one skill that just may save your life one day. Don't put it off. Learn them and do them every day(while you can) for several months, so it's in your muscle memory and you don't forget them. You can't trust that someone else is going to help you or save you ; when you need them to.

Reads: Grandpa and I love to fish. we carry our buckets and poles. Just the two of us together, a quiet day at a fishing hole. Grandpa shows me how to cast, and shares his tips on bait. He models calm and patience, imparts life lessons as we wait. He shares stories of trophy catches, and ones that got away, He tells me of his life in the good ole days. As the sun sets cross the water, we take in the parting view, Our buckets full of memories and perhaps a fish or two.

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