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Fall is a great time of year to fish topwaters. Of course, doing so also comes with the pain of removing leaves from their hooks. This can actually get so annoying that some guys steer their entire bass arsenal away from anything that works the surface. Others avoid leaves by playing the wind, basically fishing only where leaves have been blown clear. Me? I’m not scared of leaves. In fact, I’ve come to learn that if you’re smart about it, they can help you catch more bass.

You Won't Believe These Patterns Created by Flocks of Birds in Flight

This is a great example of the principle of surroundedness as well as smallness as the eye jumps to the sharks rather than the schools of fish.

Pictures of the day: 3 August 2011

Divers are training sharks to hunt toxic lionfish, which have invaded a reef near the Island of Roatan, 30 miles off the coast of Honduras. The poisonous fish are not native to the Caribbean, but have flourished after being released from fish tanks. Desperate to protect their livelihood, local fisherman and divers came up with the idea of training the sharks to eat the lionfish, which they had avoided because of their spikes. Divers do this by spearing the lionfish, but leaving them alive…

How to Survive in the Jungle

You can follow these general rules when foraging for plants: Avoid plants with white or yellow berries. Don't eat mushrooms. Some are safe, but many are highly toxic and even deadly, so it's not worth the risk. Avoid plants with thorns. If it tastes bitter or soapy, spit it out. Steer clear of shiny leaves. Stay away from plants with leaves in groups of three. Stay away from plants with umbrella-shaped flowers. ***Click the link (picture) for more…

When it comes to the ultimate setup for spring and summer panfish, it's hard to beat a nightcrawler, hook, split shot, and bobber. But, there are some serious advantages to fishing for bluegills, crappies, and perch with artificial baits. You can cover more water quickly, and also avoid the little fish that are so good at robbing live bait rigs. So with the warm panfishing months of summer on the way, we rounded up the 15 the best panfish lures of all time.