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Love. Because He never goes against Himself

Wise Words from Spurgeon

❤ Amen Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.

Steffany Gretzinger - You Know Me + Spontaneous so beautiful!❤️#worship #Heknowsyou #Helovesyou

Steffany Gretzinger - You Know Me + Spontaneous Worship (Worship U)

thats so weird lol Funny tumblr


Moral of the story: never trust a three-fingered teacher without properly vetting him first.👌 Thank you Canada for changing the stereotypes.

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"I've always wondered what women do during their periods in certain stories." <---- Also, can we talk about how no one ever has to use the bathroom in books or movies? They only go to the bathroom once one the flipping thing

I would be the daughter of Pepper and Tony...though my parents are quite like them so I guess I am XD

I'd want to be raised by Romano and Spain (Hetalia), Germany and Italy (Hetalia), Prussia and Canada (Hetalia), or Eren and Levi (AOT)--- Percabeth

I dont remember much of my childhood only the times i got in trouble

Teenager Post # 5147 Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did, except you. That is the truth, it's all a blur.