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Nice 'n' Soft Sugar Cookies

Soft sugar cookies. I always struggle with my cutout cookies getting crunchy, so I'll give this recipe a try next time.

Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

Pumpkin molasses cookies. "Soft, chewy spice cookies blend perfectly with pumpkin to create one spectacular cookie."

Good Eats: Jalapeño Poppers and Chimichurri Skirt Steak

Spicy Sausage Rigatoni

Spicy Sausage Rigatoni - this recipe is super easy and wholesome, and my whole family LOVED it! 320 calories, real food.**

Oreo Cheesecake Bars

cookies Click here to download Download whole gallery These are amazing "jar" cupcakes. Yummy with a cup of Javita Weight Loss Coffee. Click here to download Download whole gallery Oreo Cheesecake Bars Click here to download Download whole gallery

Weeknight Beef Bourguignon

This Beef Bourguignon is an easy weeknight meal that is now a go-to for my family. As the weather is getting cooler, this is the epitome of comfort food.

Sticky Garlic Chicken and Broccoli

Sticky Garlic Chicken with Broccoli - semi-crispy, sticky-saucy, and loaded with honey garlic flavor. LOVE. 340 calories. |