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photo il_570xN.595230955_3h9k_zps90ams7ct.jpg

photo il_570xN.595230955_3h9k_zps90ams7ct.jpg

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another Mexican Black Kingsnake. Can't get enough of the beautiful black & white contrast this makes with the leucistic rat snake.

Black Rat Snake, Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta, climbing to blue bird ...

not kill this snake-(chicken snake) they eat mice rats small birds and eggs non venomous

Omg they look exactly like  Velvet and Lavender my last two dumbo rats <3

These represent when rats would be in their tranches trying to steal their food and they would have to fight them off. The rats really show the terrible and hideous condition in the trenches.

Patternless Albino Rat Snake by Culebra Venenosa 有毒的蛇 species: Rat Snake

musts: Patternless Albino Rat Snake by Culebra Venenosa You entered my aura and fell into my arms.I just wrapped around you like a snake that’s been charmed. ~Amber (Pop Star): “You Move Me”, My Kind of World

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Rats make really wonderful pets, and like most animals, they push the boundaries of adorableness when they are babies.

Black Rat Snake ..A friend in the garden! This is why you should never poison mice or gophers, it also kills their predators.

Black Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta) The last in the series of Black Rat Snakes images (at least for a while. Featured by Paulina in her beautiful "Wil.