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Shopping in Tokyo - A Shopaholic's Guide

I have a confession that I’m going to make up front: I am a shopaholic. I’ve been to Japan three times, and shopping has been a high priority every trip. Needless to say, I’ve picked up some wisdom about where and how to shop in Tokyo, which I am now going to pass along to you. …

pixlezq: “ I’ve been messing around with a Marvel/Avengers/X-Men au where all the main heros get their starts as kids with designs mixed from the movie and comic canon. I’m mostly using it to some...

Turning My Picky Eater Around: An Easy to Follow Plan

It has been a while since I’ve talked about my second son, Isaac, and his own difficulties with eating. Some of you may remember the numerous Cooking with Your Kid posts where I talked about strategies I used with him. Or, the post I wrote, Practicing Patience, a more personal account describing the sheer frustration I felt as...Read More »

Fermented Foods: Easy Brine Veggie Recipes

Easy Brine Veggies! (Best post for newbies - a huge list of anaerobically fermented veggies and a podcast to help you understand the basics of getting started with fermentation)

Just a super quick messy ref of some revolutionary uniforms where I found out that I’ve been putting America in the wrong one this whole time ( I’ve always saw him in more in the infantry than artillery ) Also there’s a high chance that the Washington body guard one is wrong there are like 3 fuzzy pictures I found on the the internet.

Balloon Faith!!! How do we explain to our teens that God is always there? We can’t see him. We can’t touch him. So…where is he? In this modern world of texting, facetime/skype, constant communication & instant gratification, HOW do we know if God is REALLY there? I’ve actually used this meeting a few times over the years […]