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Skip the gym to tone your core and lower body with these 4 moves.

4 Total-Body Toning Moves You Can Do At Home

Walk Off a Size in 4 Weeks! This is no ordinary walking workout. Our reader-tested program flattens your belly, firms every inch, and powers off pounds—without dieting!

4 calorie-torching leg and butt exercises: Get ready to break out those short-shorts! These plyometric moves from Nora Tobin are sure to slim down your legs and butt. Watch this video to learn how to do this high-powered, lower body workout.

4 Calorie-Torching Leg and Butt Exercises

How to Do Donkey Kicks

The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Featuring Just Squats and Planks

We are fans of working our glutes standing, but this simple series on all fours is a great way to isolate the backside from multiple angles. Even better: it's quick. Begin on all fours and lift your right leg off the floor until your knee is in

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Lift Your Butt With These 5 Simple Moves  http://www.prevention.com/fitness/5-simple-butt-lifting-exercises

Lift Your Butt With These 5 Simple Moves

Shawn Johnson's the body department - Quick Ab Workout

No time? Let's take 3 minutes to flat abs and a hard core! I've created a killer combo of lower leg lifts and criss-crosses to attack your lower belly pooch and shape a nice hourglass …