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Hemidemisemiquaver = 64th note  http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/octothorpe

Welcome to music theory classes people.

Make me whole

for the guys who like band geeks a musical pick -up line I get this cuz i played cello.

I know this is for band, but it applies to swimming. Coach: I don't care if the pool fills over! You're all swimming!" It's nearly impossible for swim practice to be canceled. XD

I don't care if it floods and we have to march underwater! We're still having practice! This is soo my band director!

Oh well, THAT's easy!!

13 bizarre, perplexing and distressing performance directions - Classic FM

Dynamic struggles

Only pinning it for the tuba part. Because it was hilarious and I play tuba

Lmao I’m the guitarist

band pants (In college

What on earth?!?

No seriously. See the egg nog. feel the egg nog. smell the egg nog. be THE EGG NOG

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This is so true.


Just in case you're not a musician: A single p means to play quietly. 2 means play very quietly. 3 means real real quiet. 4 means only the musician can hear himself or herself play it.

One of those classic taglines that everyone remembers...if you grew up in the era of Tootsie Roll Pops. And sad for you if you didn't.

I don't play flute, but no one can hear the flute section unless they are playing C sharp and then everyone feels like rolling up into a ball and dying


Summer band be like-->yup I've been in marching band for 3 years now.

*can't Otherwise, great way to differentiate between a tie and a slur for beginners.

Great way to remember tie vs slur

Music Humor- lol i was sitting with chloe listining to dub-step, and right before the bass droped she goes (to b funny) DROP THE BASS! and this is soooo what i pictured lol

one of the other kids in my orchestra class dropped a bass and brok e i t

*Walker screams while banging head on piano* "FORTISSIMO MEANS GET LOUDEEERRR"

Orchestra problems and Choir problems