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“To seek learning by faith is to qualify to learn under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Though the way we must qualify is clear, it is not easy. Constant awareness, personal discipline, a willingness to change and grow, and humility must replace pride, behavioral rigidity, weakness of character, and a casual approach to life. Phrased in the vernacular, we must be willing to ‘walk the talk.’” K. Newell Dayley, “And Also By Faith,” Brigham Young University 1993-94 Speeches. 1 February…

Guided by Restored Truth: Former BYU President Rex E. Lee shares his thoughts on how a knowledge of the restored gospel should influence our teaching and learning.

It's easy to become proud as you increase your education, but the best learners stay humble and recognize how little they actually know. Elder D. Todd Christofferson explains the relationship between knowledge and humility in this new Learning Tip -

Joseph’s example of asking which church to join, rather than which church is true, can teach us how to learn by faith. Learning by faith and applying spiritual truths is an individual responsibility for each student. Check out Elder Bednar's advice on learning by faith in this new tip!

“Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions.” - Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “The Power of a Personal Testimony,” Ensign, Nov 2006, 37–39. Read more on our website about President Uchtorf's experience!

The plan of Salvation. You start at the left top: Premortal life; Jesus Christ came down and created earth. Then write atonement and emphasize that the rest of the plan couldn't happen without it; we would be stuck at death. You'll notice that death goes down, then resurrection goes up. (if you want, you could add spirit world at the bottom of the V) Look at the plan in my picture; you've probably noticed that it spells "LOVE". Heavenly Father created His plan because He loves us.

Book of Mormon. Lehi finds the compass known as the Liahona which guides them through the wilderness.

Plan of Salvation

The Plan of Salvation or The Great Plan of Happiness - Great video! Do you wonder where you came from, why you're here and where you're going? Here is your answer.

What does it mean to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ? Have you received His image in your countenance?

Rex E. Lee (1/15/91) The Constitution and the Restoration Devotional address.