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Lowing with the cow

My Pet Cow , such a funny little pic here ofMy Pet Cow. This animal picture is both funny and funny. Great Pictures every day from funnyanimalsite


I love love love seeing young kids in my moms group exhibit animals knowing they need help and look up to me

My DREAM <3 I want cows

i think this looks like a sad cow calf. i would give so much love and care to my baby cow, you have no idea. i would raise the most cutest, sweetest domestic cows evarrr. never would they grow out of their baby stage. MY cows will be happy cows :)

World's Largest Cow

As big as a small elephant, Big Cow Chilli and he's described as a gentle giant. Chilli the giant bullock stands at and weighs well over a ton. Despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional sweet treat.

Mama cow and calf!

Mom and baby cow. Really people its called a cow and calf! City slickers Mom and baby sounds just right for me :-)

Rescued Farmed Animals Experience Freedom for the First Time.  All animals deserve to be free from harm.

I absolutely adore brown cows! They are so sweet and gentle! Everybody loves the Jersey cows but I love brown cows! How now brown cow!

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It’s starting to make sense now, right? | 9 Cows Sitting Like Dogs

It's starting to make sense now, right?

Funny pictures about Cows Can Be Great Pets. Oh, and cool pics about Cows Can Be Great Pets. Also, Cows Can Be Great Pets photos.