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Weird Strange Odd Retro Boy with Space Age Glasses Atomic Age Design Cigarette Case or Business Card Case Wallet.

OMG if I could do this...I'd make sooo much more money. LOL

Is this why it's called cup size? (failed trends) Woman with Cups and Saucers - Coffee, tea and her.My tea cups bring all the boys to the yard

TV eye glasses - retro We've come a long way, baby!!!

TV Glasses Hugo Gernsback demonstrating his television goggles in 1963 for Life magazine

another fun way to incorporate human into your product shoot! ha!

Japanese photographer Mitsuko Nagone uses herself as the subject in her series ‘I am more than my face’. This project is about exploring the concept of personal identity.

This kid for realizing the need for super awesome futuristic combat gear...

Vintage costume of little boy holding his ray gun, protecting America from the space aliens.