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Complex creation is a delicate art. If not constructed thoughtfully and with a proper understanding of the primary function of the thing itself, you will not have a complex. You will have tapioca. You will be assiduously chugging your way through, sweat beating off your brow, optimistically thinking you’re going to make it, and…

Want to get maximally lean and super muscly? This cycle by RKC kettlebell expert Pat Flynn is designed to do just that, with the help of some mean kettlebell complex training.

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One of my absolute favorite kettlebell workouts from StrongFirst. #kettlebell #kettlebelltraining

Do the Total Tension Kettlebell Complex for six weeks and there be noticeably more meat on your bones and you will possess a much deeper understanding of linkage and tension.

What board do I post this in? In and Out of Uniform, Eye Candy, or Fitness?!?! Yeah, Eye Candy it is.

What board do I post this in? In and Out of Uniform, Eye Candy, or Fitness? Yeah, Eye Candy it is.

10 Minute Home Circuit Workout-This 10-minute cardio home circuit workout includes a variety of exercises designed to target all the muscle groups in a short, effective workout. You'll do 10 challenging exercises, many of them compound movements involving more than one muscle group. Move quickly from exercise to exercise

The 10-Minute Workout That Keeps on Giving

Want to build muscle and burn more calories in less time? This high intensity Tabata Strength Workout will help you get your heart rate up and blast more calories.

These top 5 deltoid exercises get you on the way to building strong round shoulders

Kettlebell ballistic lifts describe a series of great routines that actually use the momentum of the kettlebells themselves as you swing them into one position after another. In this manner, you actua

A look at the proper starting position for the snatch and clean for Olympic weightlifting

The Olympic Lift Starting Position: Snatch & Clean by Greg Everett - Olympic Weightlifting - Catalyst Athletics - Olympic Weightlifting