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Para qué es bueno el té de eucalipto | Muy Fitness

Para qué es bueno el té de eucalipto | Muy Fitness

This beautiful train tunnel of trees called the Tunnel of Love is located in Kleven, Ukraine. Nothing else is known about this place. Can anybody throw some light here.

This beautiful train track is naturally covered by green trees and makes a tunnel. Located in Kleven, Ukraine, this train tunnel is named as. “Tunnel of Love” by local people. These incredible photos were taken by Oleg Gordienko.

Redwood Natioal Forest, CA.

Redwood National Park, California - Road Trips (The Ultimate Planning Guide) photo from fine art America

San Francisco - Golden Gate Park "Japanese Tea Garden - Half Moon Bridge" | by David Paul Ohmer

Half Moon Bridge, Japanese Tea Garden - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco -- oohh i dont have to travel the whole way to japan to see this!

Candelabra Redwoods, "Enchanted Forest", on Shady Dell in California

Redwood Forest, California I've been there, me my mom and my dad entered a hollow tree and there was room inside of that tree for 10 more people. I measured how many steps it took to get around a tree an it took 32 steps. The place is just beautiful.

The Largest Tree in the World: General Sherman is from California! (estimated age of 2,300 – 2,700 years) Checked off the Bucketlist August 2014.

General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park, California, USA Okay, I know it's not in Utah. This tree took root about the same time Lehi left Jerusalem.

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Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada region - this is where Yosemite Park is as well. Giant sequoias tower above tourists at Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California