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The Old Man Found a Lone Baby Gosling ❤ I would love to know if they took lone baby duck to raise :'(

<p>There are many reasons to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.drozthegoodlife.com/healthy-lifestyle/mental-health/tips/a1624/arianna-huffington-good-nights-sleep/">get enough sleep</a>, but this one is an especially good motivator: In an <a rel="nofollow" href="http://news.berkeley.edu/2015/10/01/late-bedtimes-bmi/">October 2015 study<span></span></a>, researchers found that participants gained 2.1 BMI points for every hour of sleep they lost over a period of five years. <a rel="nofollow"…

17 Belly Fat Hacks Ranked From Least to Most Effective

"I'll take care of you." 07.19.17

THE SPRINGER SPANIEL AND HIS LAMB This picture could stop wars. Jess the spaniel’s owner taught the dog to feed lambs with a bottle, and now the dog has totally taken over lamb-feeding duties. World peace!

A Golden Retrjeve....  A Golden Retriever made friends with 8 birds and a hamster...

Unlikely Friends Love To Keep Each Other Company

Best of Friends! ❤ A dog, 8 birds, and a cute hamster are best friends.I love Bob!