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List of age-appropriate milestones from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Understanding kids developmental stages helps us understand what they may feeling and what they need from us to help communicate their feelings.

Scientists create automated 'time machine' to reconstruct ancient languages

"It is increasingly apparent to us that autism is caused by environmental factors in most cases, not by genetics," said lead author Gustavo Román, M.D. (mothers with severe deficiencies/hypothyroidism have 4 times greater risk to have a child with autism)

Cool Hands Help Heavy Women Exercise More

Cool Hands Help Heavy Women Exercise More Explain that obese women who used a hand cooling device during a 12-week exercise program had improved exercise capacity, decreased waist circumference and lower resting blood pressure, while those who used the device at body temperature had no change in these parameters.

Update: The irony is grievous and horrifying. I saved this pin on 12-27-16 just after noon, and the VERY NEXT THING I saw when I returned to Facebook a few seconds later was the news of her death. [My original caption] General Organa. Glad Carrie Fisher is still with us. I don't think I've ever seen a Bad Year treated like an entity that people can't wait to see DIE!

Seizure-alert dogs, as implied by their name, are dogs that can sense and notify their human companions of an oncoming Hemiplegic migraine seizure. This alerting behavior has been reported to occur several seconds to 45 minutes or more before the onset of the seizure. The dog does this by exhibiting marked changes in behavior, including close eye contact, circling, pawing, barking etc. keep clicking on photo to read more info regarding service dogs.

Rare Photos Show Civil War Life : Discovery News. A group of African American women sitting on piles of cotton with two white male overseers

The Salary Reporter - eight reasons job candidates don't end up getting the job besides a fundamental skill mismatch