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The Eurasian Eagle Owl - Bubo Bubo is the largest of all the owls found in Europe, it was a native of Britain until the latter part of the Century.

free downloadable owl calendar... the sweetest thing!

Owl art by Cally Johnson-Isaacs

Inky Owl in Flight - admittedly, this is a very girly looking tat...still kinda cool, tho.

Embroidery: Inky Owl in Flight (Tattoo Idea)

Badass owl dream catcher!!

Badass owl dream catcher!!

bleakandblue:  Thank you Yolanda! done at Salon Serpent Tattoo ParlourAmsterdam! kimanh.guestspot@gmail.com for an appointment.

tattoo by Kim-Anh Nguyen (Salon Serpent Tattoo, Amsterdam, Nederland)

Great Horned Owl by WingedKobraTheThird

Realism done in pencil, ballpoint, and ink pen. Took a long ass time but I'm super proud of it Great Horned Owl

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Girly owl sleeve tattoos with color tho

Owl tattoo

This would make a cute tat! Owl drawing stands for wisdom and beauty, vivid eye girl long eyelashes -minus the heart necklace.

Prefer birds over owls.. 3 birds for my 3 baby birds

37 Mysterious Owl Tattoo Designs

coruja com rosa dos ventos artista Akioka owl compass artist by Akioka

owl compass artist by Akioka