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I always do my elephant hunting at the supermarket.what do you do at the supermarket?


Story of my life.When does the 8 hours start, when I go to bed or when I actually go to sleep. If 8 hours is good for you then I bet 10 or 12 hours has to be better, right?


Sayings for best friend - Funny Pictures, Awesome Pictures, Funny Images and Pics so true

Yes!! And I feel like my tummy's sticking out and and my chin's to my Adam's Apple

This happened to me in the mall and forgot how to walk.Someone goes and its just me squirming on the ground like' I forgotten how to walk'

This is like all fictional male characters and boys in bands not just one direction but also 5sos

I do this all the time with me and my *whispers nervously* movie/book character imaginary boyfriends (at least I'm admitting I'm crazy! :) Yes this is my life

Everytime! Lol

*Sighs* I used to do this running up from the basement. Now I live in Florida. People here don't have this so called "basement".

Haha ya

Every chip bag in the store. I always try to feel for the bag that has the most chips.

Some kids were dropped as a baby but u were clearly thrown in the air, smacked by a ceiling fan, and tossed out the window

Hahaha this is mean but a kid in my grade was actually thrown into a ceiling fan. Didn't go out the window but just the fan.

If I ever have a run in with the police while in my house going to do this XD

Teenager Posts hahahahah that would be so funny. Not to the cop tho. borrow One Direction and the cops come knocking at my door like that I will say this!