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smitten kitchen cookbook lemon bars, still looking for the perfect lemon bar recipe (aka cannon beach bakery one!

Only 3 ingredients Blackberry Frozen Yogurt. That color is spectacular!

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

3 c. fresh blackberries, 3 c. greek yogurt, 1 can sweetened condensed milk. In blender puree blackberries with sweetened condensed milk. In a bowl, mix the puree with the yogurt, pour into ice-cream maker. Sound so easy and yummy!

Greek Yogurt And Cake Mix

Day 37 - Greek Yogurt and Cake Mix (it works?) Ingredients: 1 box cake mix (Just the mix, not all the ingredients they tell you to add to it.) 1 container of plain Greek yogurt 1 cup water

I want to go to Paris, sit in one of their beautiful cafes, and eat French pastries all day.

Macaron 101 : French Meringue Have been wanting to try a real french macaroon for years, maybe now I will just make them.

2 Ingredient vanilla ice cream that is totally customizable to make your own "homemade gourmet" flavors! Sounds awesome.

2 Ingredient Ice Cream

2 ingredient ice cream = heavy cream + sweetened condensed milk (plus whatever other ingredients you would like to customize with)

RITZ Triple-layer Chocolate Pie

My hands down favorite pie. So rich and satisfying but not too sweet. I made this when I was craving chocolate-perfection. chocolate pudding pie, under attack by smitten

Calvin and Hobbes

THE DAILY CALVIN: Calvin and Hobbes, January 1989 - There's something magical about having a fire. And if you've go a hot tiger tummy to lie against.

Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars

Chocolate Mudslide Frappe

Chocolate Mocha Mudslide Frappe

Chocolate Mocha Mudslide Frappe - A creamy, thick frozen coffee drink made with cocoa and banana