the day my arms look like that in a shirt will be a good day.

Taylor Lautner looking hot in a solid blue shirt. Wonder what this is from because he has a lav mic on.

Taylor Lautner. HOT #twilight #breakingdawn #teamjacob <3

Biggest Lautner fan (and not at all because of twilight but because of Taylor himself)!

Taylor Lautner

Best Beach Bodies

I hate twilight. How can you think Robert Pattison is more attractive than Taylor freaking Lautner

please taylor, keep your clothes on. actually you know what, nevermind. you can take them off.

Taylor Lautner is a hard working boy and for this attractive body, he also works hard. Taylor Lautner has a strict schedule of his bodybuilding and has a specific diet chart.

The Nerd's Secret Life - Wrong move, Sweetheart. - Page 1 - Wattpad

The Nerd's Secret Life - Wrong move, Sweetheart.

NBD: Just Taylor Lautner looking like a total hottie.

Ladyboner of the Day: Taylor Lautner

Ladyboner of the Day: Taylor Lautner, Werewolf Turned Butt-Kicking Hottie

My Ottawa and Potawatomi Native American-
German, French, Dutch boy.
ow ow!
Looks like a sexy indian to me!

Taylor Lautner Making 8-Figures Per Movie; Will Produce & Star In 2 Studio Tentpoles During 2011; Now Casting His Love Interest

Taylor Lautner is the definition of boyfriend material. Team Jacob all the way!