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Jabik is sold to Miss. Ellie in The UK - Congratulations with this beautiful…

Jabik is sold to Miss. Ellie in The UK - Congratulations with this beautiful horse! at Friesian Horse Stables. Looking for a Friesian? Contact us!

American Cocker Spaniel - Fantastic Pet Encyclopedia, UK

American cocker spaniels and English cocker spaniels are two main types of the spaniel breed. The difference between them is mostly due to the separate breed standards in the USA and the UK.

spanish horse the spanish horse andalusian is believed to be the most ...768 x 576 | 51.8KB | members.multimania.co.uk  A real beauty

World of Horses - Peruvian Paso Horse - Visit the breed pages for information on this breed and other horses and ponies from around the world.

English Thoroughbred Horse ; Few breeds, (besides perhaps the Arabian & the Andalusian) have traveled as far & as wide as the English (or British) Thoroughbred animals have.  The Thoroughbred breed comes from three famous foundation sires that were imported into the UK early in the 18th century, The Darley Arabian, Byerley Turk & Godolphin Barb. These were crossed with mares whose blood came from imported Iberian Andalusians, African Barbs, and Turkish animals.

THE THOROUGHBRED Three Basic Types Sprinter - Tall with a long body & very fast. Stayer - Smaller with a shorter body and more staying power. Middle Distance - Well-sloped shoulder & shorter back, well suited for cross country events.

Irish Draught Horse stallion, Silver Wind Twister.

A stunning young stallion with rare bloodlines, a superb temperament, correct conformation and athletic paces, currently working under saddle.