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There is a long list of benefits when feeding turmeric for horses. Here's the main way to feed turmeric to your horse as tried and tested by the TUG group..

Understanding Senior Horse Feeds

Get the skinny on what goes into feeds designed for senior horses and how they can benefit our aging equids.

Make Hoof Oil

How to Make Hoof Oil: 5 Steps - wikiHow 50 ml each of vegetable oil and olive oil and mix.

While there’s no golden rule for how tight you should cinch your horse, remember that you should tighten it in stages. The first time I cinch the horse snugly, but I don’t cut him in half. I want to give him a chance to warm up and get comfortable before I really cinch him up. I’ll do groundwork for about 5 minutes, and then I’ll check the girth and tighten it a little more. I’ll do groundwork again for 5 to 10 minutes and then I’ll tighten my girth for the...

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