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Galaxies nebulae, and stars

This false-color composite image provided by NASA hows the Cartwheel galaxy as seen by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer's Far Ultraviolet detector (blue); the Hubble Space Telescope t (green); the Spitzer Space Telescope (red); and the Chandra (purple).

M42, The Great Orion Nebula

Cosmic Ordering Secrets - ♥ The Great Orion Nebula has always seemed the most provocative star in the sky since I was a little girl.

This is the Cone Nebula located in the Monoceros star cluster, NGC 2264. It is about 2500 light years away from Earth, relatively close compared to other galaxies and most stars. The cone itself is roughly 7 light years in length. The nebula mostly contains hydrogen gas and dust, which prevents the light from the nearby hot blue-white stars from passing through but instead illuminating the sides of the column.

Cone Nebula NGC 2264 Star Forming Pillar of Gas and Dust «star forming - search results «Universe, space, galaxy photos gallery

Gibson Nebula Image brought to you courtesy of Robot Radio www.robotradio.com | Cosmic Streams of Consciousness |

Gibson Nebula, Visit our Website for more Info and Pictures Patterns in Nature (Exam Unit)

A spectacular Hubble Space Telescope image …

A spectacular Hubble Space Telescope image reveals the heart of the Lagoon Nebula. Seen as a massive cloud of glowing dust and gas, bombarded by the energetic radiation of new stars, this placid name hides a dramatic reality. The Advanced Camera for.


The Horsehead Nebula is a cloud of ionized-hydrogen in the constellation Orion. These clouds are lit from within by young, hot stars. The interstellar dust absorbs the light from part of the ionized cloud creating this beautiful contrast. Image Credit: NA

The Eye of God - taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

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Soooo Wow !!! The Butterfly nebula,  NGC 6302, lies about 4,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius.

the butterfly nebula / NGC 6302 / lies about light-years away in the constellation scorpius.