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Crazed Emperor Pilaf sends his goons to find the Dragon Balls.

The gang fights their way through strong warriors as Goku tries to search for the Dragon Balls with Babas help.

Opener for "This Is Now" — an exhibition curated by Oh Yeah Studio. 15 of the world's leading designers, illustrators and motion artists were invited to create and exhibit unique work in poster art and motion design.

Tiny Story by Sebas & Clim. Once upon a time. www.sebasandclim.com Saw this in my motion graphics class and thought it was adorable!

- Director's Cut Version - Creative Direction/Concept: Camilo Barria Animation/Edit/Compositing: Luis Suárez Graphic Design: Luis Suárez Sound Design: Facil For MTV : V.P Creative: Sean Saylor Creative Director: Juan Frontini Creative Director Design Services: Camilo Barria Art Director/Producer: Camilo Barria, Lucas Casagrande Photography: Juampi Bonino

"Blue is the world's favourite colour" We worked with CNN and Dr. James Fox to produce a film for their Colour Scope series. See the website here: http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2016/12/specials/colorscope-blue/ Produced by Sarah-Grace Mankarious & Moth Direction & Design by Moth Animation by Moth, Joe Bichard, Jennifer Zheng, Aaron Lampert, Carlos De Faria, Stephen McNally, Ester Rossi Sound Design by David Kamp Music by Giacomo Smith Client - CNN Production Year - 2...

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