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Protéine de chanvre crue bio 450g

Protéine de chanvre crue bio 450g

Vegan Tofu Bolognese - It was about time we veganized this Italian classic! | hurrythefoodup.com

Vegan Tofu Bolognese

Vegan Tofu Bolognese - It was about time we veganized this Italian classic…

*Left floppy tofu in oven to crisp up and it did. (Almost too much.) Turned out to be salty when eaten alone, but very good bacon substitute when made into a sandwich.* *Used pressed frozen tofu. Tofu did not get crispy at all. Flavor was fine. Not a complete waste of ingredients, but I'll pass on this unless a vegan friend wants a BLT* Easy Tofu Bacon and an Amazing Vegan BLT - Fo Reals Life

Easy Tofu Bacon & an Amazing Vegan BLT

Easy Tofu Bacon and an Amazing Vegan BLT - Fo Reals Life (note to self-brush with magic vegan bacon grease before cooking)

100% Végétal: vegan tofu & veggies nuggets

Nuggets de tofu aux légumes

Végétal: vegan tofu & veggies nuggets, ok.if only I could understand the language this recipe was written in. Guess I gotta try my phone translator ha!

Vegan Lemon Chia Pudding with Mandarines | curlsnchard.com

Lemon Chia Pudding with Mandarines

Lemon Chia Pudding with Mandarines - a simple and refreshing vegan breakfast or dessert. There is no baking or cooking involved and only 4 ingredients!

Seitan Bourguignon.  This was one of the first recipies I made that really got me excited about learning how to cook.  I was so happy to find a vegetarian version of Beef Bourguignon and I had a great evening cooking it with one of my good friends from work!  (Seitan is a wheat gluten protein and is a great substitute for meat.  SOY-free is a huge plus!)

Seitan Bourguignon

galette frangipane végétalienne

galette frangipane végétalienne -> ich habe ABSOLUT NULL AHNUNG was das is, aber ich will es essen!

We like to do things the way they have been done for years. Extracting juice from our favorite fruits and vegetables has been a common practice for years, but using the pulp from those food groups has fallen by the wayside until now. Somehow using pulp as a source of fiber and other nutrients was lost as we moved through time. Native cultures have used pulp for centuries to create exotic drinks and unusual cuisine.

Learn what you can do with the pulp you have left over from juicing your own green juices.

When I started to get into nutrition and plant-based eating a few years ago, I was pretty much clueless. I had almost no experience with cooking, let alone cooking without dairy, eggs and meat or with obscure ingredients like chia seeds and maca powder. Oh She Glows was one of the very first vegan blogs I stumbled upon back then, and one that inspired and encouraged me... Read More

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Chickpea Coconut Curry from the Oh She Glows Every Day Cookbook (+ Vegan Gluten-Free) // The Green Life