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Tempera Painting and Oil Pastels

A fall tempera landscape painting can make some vivid colors, but there's nothing like a dark outline to make shapes really pop.

Art Room Blog: 3rd Grade Owl Starry Night...

and week 5 Van Gogh's Owl" Oil pastel.have students 'recreate' starry night.

PAINTED PAPER: dark color over light after it dry

Several lessons from Painted Paper on fall, tree structure, color mixing.

It's Art Day!: Kandinsky Trees

My first graders really need help with their fine motor skills this year. After completing a very successful Kandinsky Concentric Circl.

Oil Pastel Sunflowers in scratch art -Artsonia

Artsonia Art Museum :: Oil pastel scratch art - Confirms my idea that the trees with a watercolor painting in realistic colors - then coated with pastels and "scratched" out would look awesome! Maybe - complementery colors?

It is Art Day!: Monet's Pond - tempera paint, painted paper, oil pastels

Monet - grade art lesson: tempura paint on cardboard rounds, flowers painted on paper with dots, tissue centers, and lily pads done with oil pastels and green paper

3rd Grade - Students used 9 x 24" colored paper & 3 colors of tempera paint to make their background. We used mat board to spread the paint. They got to choose 3 colors and sprinkle the paint on the background before "pulling" the paint, making sure not to mix all the colors together. The birch tree was made on white paper, and then pulled black paint horizontally to create the bark. Once dry, it was glued onto the background and branches were drawn with black marker. Artsonia

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

symmetrical chinese vases- tints too!

Chinese Vase Art Project

Art Projects for Kids: Search results for landscape

Art Projects for Kids: Watercolor Landscape Liked the idea to already introduce the Kids to drawing landscapes. The concept of perspective drawing was a lite hard for them!

Precioso árbol pintado en una cuadricula de 8x8. Colores cálidos y fríos.

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk.

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