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I’m quite often asked what I use to take the great photos on my travel blog. This article includes tips and recommendations for what I use to capture the best photos and videos.

The WORST photos people have ever taken of me on my travels

Daily UI #74 It's the user's interface. My travel photos, a dynamic journey, collection of photos, address or other, and friends interaction notification, etc. 我的界面,可以查看我的旅途照片,旅途动态,收藏的照片、地址或者其他,...

Tips for travel photography. #travel #photography / / / / / Check out more travel photos and blog posts on my travel blog, frugalfrolicker.com

One of my most requested posts/Videos is about my travel wall and how I made it. So I thought I'd go through it today and tell you exactly how I did it, it is super easy! Trust me, I am not a rocket scientist and I can do it, so you definitely will be able to!

Every day, I get questions about my travel gear and photography equipment for travel. I want to disclose that I am not a professional photographer but I do love sharing my travel experiences through beautiful photos, videos and vlogs. So, here is the best photography equipment for travel blogging in my opinion!

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